Nail Care

Where To Get Your Nails Done, Depending On Your Budget! Raise your hand if you're one of those nail-grooming addicts who's always willing to spend good money on a pampering sesh. If you and your girlfriends dream about living the goddess life. Gel manicures seem like the best thing ever since sliced bread, but they’re not perfect. At least once a month, we treat ourselves to a mani and pedi just because we love to feel pampered even just for an hour. 

UV LED Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish Shining Color

$11.99 USD$100.99 USD
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Glitter Nail Art Platinum Gel Nail Polish UV Gel Nail Polish 10ml

$11.99 USD$100.99 USD
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Nail Polish Gel 7ml Changing Nail Polish

$11.99 USD $26.99 USD
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